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1default 3D.Gugle.Pro.X.v6.0.Incl.Keymaker-DJiNN el Jue 14 Jul 2011, 11:55 am


3D Gugle Pro X 6.0 | 5.05 MB

3D Gugle is the most advanced software for creating any type of
stereoscopic and lenticular applications. With 3D Gugle you can easily
create from Stereo Pairs or from 2D to 3D conversion, images and movies
in 3D, and stereoscopic or ordinary animations. You can manipulate any
type of image, edit digital film, perform image transformations, apply
graphic filtering and much more!, 3D Gugle also offers you a complete
set of tools for working with lenticular images.

Home Page -

Código: 3D.Gugle.Pro.X.v6.0.Incl.Keymaker-DJiNN.rar

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